The Roto Wheel combines two critical components for safe and dependable suspended valve operation: our Roto Hammer Chain Wheel complete with the addition of a fitted, factory installed retaining cable safety kit (RCK).

Simplify the ordering and installation process by purchasing a Roto Wheel (which combines our Chain Wheels with the popular RCK safety kits) or buy the Chain Wheel and RCK separately and install in the field.

The Roto Wheel is available in all Roto Hammer Chain Wheel Models (C, CL, E, and M Series).


Chain wheel MUST be installed properly for safe operation. Follow ALL Installation instructions carefully.
NEVER install an M-Series Impact Operation on ANY make, model or type of GEAR OPERATED valve.
To eliminate any possibility of the valve handwheel retaining nut backing off the stem, IT MUST HAVE A SET SCREW IN PLACE.
EVERY Impact Operator must be scheduled for REGULAR, PERIODIC inspection and maintenance.
Roto Hammer STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that EVERY overhead Impact Operator be fitted with a Roto Hammer Retaining Cable (available from your local distributor or from Roto Hammer Industries).
Set screws and other threaded fasteners MUST be secure and tight.