Chucket / Chuckout Chain Storage Bucket

The Chucket Chain Storage Bucket holds overhead chain within easy reach and frees the pathway beneath, eliminating the safety hazard and hassle presented by suspended chain.

The Chuckout combines the chain storage and safety features of the Chucket with an added Lockout/Tagout feature to prevent unauthorized access or operation of the valve.

  • Quick and easy: just one step for installation and operation
  • Hangs just overhead, allowing for easy access/operation but preventing the safety hazard posed by multiple dangling lengths of chain that obstruct the pathway in a facility
  • Offered in a variety of DayGlo colors for easy identification and increased visibility. Safety orange is standard – other colors are available for special order.
  • Polypropylene body is UV resistant and impervious to weather and harsh conditions
  • Grated bottom allows for easy drainage
  • Exposed eyelet makes it possible for end user to label with any special instructions or valve identification
  • One piece construction insures durability and no lost parts
  • Lockout/Tagout option available to prevent unauthorized access and operation of the valve

Note: Chuckout – patent pending


Provisions must be made to prevent the HANDWHEEL RETAINING NUT FROM BACKING OFF whenever a chain wheel is installed. To insure safe operations, Roto Hammer recommends that thorough inspection of all chain operated valves be performed as a routine part of the user’s Safety/Maintenance Schedule. Set screws and other threaded fasteners MUST be secure and tight.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that an appropriately sized Roto Hammer RCK Safety Cable Kit (optional) be installed on every overhead chain wheel operated valve.


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