The E Series Direct-Mount Chain Wheel is designed to provide a truly custom fit. Instead of clamping on to the existing hand wheel, the E Series mounts directly to the valve stem and replaces the hand wheel. This eliminates the need for multiple clamps and hardware sets and provides a more streamlined, secure fitting
of the chain wheel to the valve. The E Series can be bored to customer specifications or shipped solid for machining by the customer.

  • Aluminum E Series replaces hand wheel sizes from 4 to 30-1/4 inches
  • Ductile iron E Series replaces hand wheel sizes from 8-9/16 to 30-1/4 inches
  • All units come complete with sprocket wheel, chain guide, set collar and installation instructions
  • Available in ductile iron or light-weight aluminum
  • Mounts directly to the valve stem and replaces the existing hand wheel
  • Center hub is available blank or machined to fit customer requirements

When ordering, provide diameter of existing hand wheel and length of chain required.


  1. Whenever a chain wheel is installed, provision must be made to KEEP THE VALVE HANDWHEEL RETAINING NUT FROM BACKING OFF THE STEM. This best done by installing a SET SCREW that secures the nut to the stem.
  2. All chain wheel installations, regardless of age, must be regularly inspected as part of the user’s Safety/Maintenance Procedures. Set screws and other threaded fasteners MUST be secure and tight.
  3. As an additional safeguard, Roto Hammer strongly recommends that ALL chain wheels be fitted with an appropriately sized Roto Hammer RCK Safety Cable Kit available from your local distributor or Roto Hammer Industries.
  4. Maintain Handwheel and Operator – Retention of the chain wheel operator on valve stem is dependent on the handwheel remaining on the valve stem. The handwheel retaining nut MUST be secured with a set screw.