Owned and operated in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 1959

Over half a century ago, a pipe and fitting specialist
noticed that too many field workers were sustaining
injuries while trying to force open stubborn valves
in hard-to-reach areas. His innovative solution was
a chain wheel that he called the “Roto Hammer”, a
product which harnessed the principle of a hammer
striking an anvil to safely open and close stuck or
“frozen” valves in a manner that protected the
operator from injury.

Roto Hammer® Industries (named in honor of its founding product) opened for business in
1959, setting up shop in an abandoned fire station in the Red Fork district of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
More than fifty years and several additions later, Roto Hammer remains in the same location
and continues to offer the very best in solutions for hard-to-reach and difficult to operate valves.

Over the years, our offerings have grown beyond chain wheels to include valve extensions,
floor stands, gear operators, and a wide variety of innovative Custom Solutions. One thing
remains the same: we continue to protect employees and equipment by providing companies
all over the world with safe, dependable valve operation.

In 2015, Roto Hammer joined the Rotork family.  As part of Rotork, Roto Hammer looks forward to the opportunity to provide more customers around the world with our chain wheels and custom solutions for manual valve operation.